Posted on 19 05 2017

Eden Kafevend offer a Fully Enhanced Service

Eden Kafevend are pleased to announce their Fully Managed Service

With over 20 years’ experience providing water and coffee solutions you can rest assured that Eden Kafevend can tailor a service to suit your company’s needs, whether it’s a...

Posted on 03 05 2017

3D Latte Art

Despite the widespread fame of its tea ceremony, Japan has embraced espresso based coffee drinks with much the same enthusiasm as we have here in the UK

Similarly, Japanese baristas have been honing their skills in latte art. However, not content...

Posted on 01 05 2017

March Hamper Winner

We’re pleased to announce our first winner of the monthly hamper competition, we were delighted to deliver the beautiful Regency Hamper to the team at Prism Enclosures.

Prism Enclosures ‘has grown to over 100 personnel and underpins one of the...

Posted on 26 04 2017

Eden Kafevend join Business in the Community

Eden Kafevend Join BERGHelping Businesses Become More Resilient 

Eden Kafevend is proud of its association with the Business in the Community and the Prince’s Responsible Business Network, the aim of the network is to create a fairer society and...

Posted on 19 04 2017

Are you prepared for the new £1 Coin?

Upgrade you Vending Machine for the New £1 Coin

The new 12 sided £1 coin was officially placed in circulation in March 2017.  

So, what do you need to know about the new £1 coin? The government have released the new design to reduce...

Posted on 13 04 2017

Coffees Extra Benefits

We discover coffee's extra benefits, it's not just a brilliantly flavoured brew. Thanks to coffee's traits, such as caffeine, it has a couple of other ways it can improve our day. 

Posted on 12 04 2017

Matcha Japanese Tea

We uncover the amazing world of Matcha Japanese Tea. Matcha is a powdered green tea which is whisked into hot, but not boiling water with a chasen, a whisk carved from a single piece of bamboo.

Posted on 14 03 2017

Did You Leaf It Long Enough? Brewing Tips for Tea Drinkers

How do you brew your tea? Did you leaf if long enough? Making a cup of tea isn't rocket science... right? Well avid tea lovers will know there is a bit more to consider when brewing your next cuppa.

Posted on 01 02 2017

The Healing Power of Coffee

We find out how coffee has staked yet another claim when it comes to health benefits. What on earth has it got up to this time then?

Posted on 01 02 2017

Make Your Own Fruit Tea

Ever wonder how to make your own fruit tea. Here are three deliciuous fruits that you can use to make homemade fruit tea.